Saturday, December 10, 2011


I just added to my list of aerospace modeling links.  This site is mostly dedicated to the '60's space race but also has some info on missiles and WWII airplanes. It has tons of photos taken at many aerospace museums around the country.  I haven't really explored much of the content - there is so much there.  I love the navigation buttons, which are based on the lighted PBI's (push button interlocks, a.k.a. switches) that were used on the mission control consoles at JSC.  I used so many of these in my first assignment after college!  (My apologies to Heroicrelics for my original mis-spelling of their name. That was more than a simple typo...I slipped more than one bit on that one!)

Apollo Mission Control by RadioKate

Apollo Mission Control, a photo by RadioKate on Flickr.