Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MDRA tree project update

This will be yet another image free, and likely content free, post.  No reason to snap a photo until its done.

First, the answers to the questions I posed to myself:
  1. Cheap foam-safe acrylic craft paint.
  2. It isn't going to be fuzzy.
  3. It will have no bobbles.  They would just add weight, add drag, an make a mess on the field.
  4. A cheap foam doodad.
I almost lost my senses and added a recovery device.  Luckily, I realized that: 1) It would ruin the lines of the tree shape; 2) It would decrease performance; 3) None of the other trees will have one; and, 4) It's survival is dubious anyway.  It will fly far from the crowd.

Which brings be to a name.  So far I have Burning Christmas Tree of Death/Apocolypse (that's two options) and Bad Santa.  More options may come to me before I decide.

I may have lied earlier.  I still am considering an unreliable and ineffective recovery system.