Friday, November 18, 2011

Launch Report 2011-7 (Red Glare XI)

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (MDRA Red Glare XI, day #1)
Weather: clear; high was in the low 40s; wind 5 MPH, mas o menos
Total flights: Today - 5; YTD - 57
Total motors: Today - 5; YTD - 72

I left early in rush hour. Since I avoided the Beltway, the trip only took 15 minutes more than usual. The Bay Bridge toll is now $4. I can handle the increase 6 - 7 times a year. I got a spot on the flight line with the three musketeers (Warthog, Itchy, and Mikey). It was colder than I usually tolerate but reasonable winds, bright sun, gloves and ear muffs made it tolerable. The wind got better as the day progressed. That was probably due to my early sacrifice to the rocket gods (see flight #1, below). The crowd was light as many people use Friday as a travel day. Still, the racks were fairly full and Neil did a good job moving things along. I left early to search for the Fat Boy from the road with binoculars. No luck there. I added my photos below the jump break.

My Flights
    1. Fatboy-29 on a G80-13 - The little rocket tore off the pad, but with negative weather cocking.  Since it went up with the wind it landed even further away. I didn't even bother walking the large potential impact zone..
    2. Upscale Big Brute on an I357 - This was a good choice for a windy day.  Fast, low, almost no walking. The altimeter said 807 ft.
    3. Big Brute on a G64-6 -  Nice flight with a long 6 second delay.  Landed close by.
    4. El Tubo Loco on a G64-4 - Now with a carrot nose cone!  The -4 delay was perfect.  I thought it had plopped into the irrigation ditch, but it had dropped behind a rise just before the ditch. Whew!
    5. AquaBottleBat on a F35- 4 - Nice boost, nice delay, no 'chute.  One tube fin was oval but was squeezed back into shape.


    Fat Boy-29 - RIP

    Troy and Maggie's upscales

    Troy and Maggie's upscales

    Dave Weber's Tuber (it had its 237th flight, IIRC)

    unknown rockets

    Upscale Big Brute

    Don Brown's upscale Big Bertha

    El Tubo Loco, carrot variant