Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recap: Rocket City Rednecks "Double Barreled Rocket"

Another spoiler-laden post based on my notes.  A laptop and the ability to pause and rewind shows in real-time  are key to compiling info while watching!

Thanks to the World Series, my regular Wednesday night shows were either preempted or are reruns. So, I decided to watch the new Rocket City Rednecks episode instead of taping it.  As a bonus, the following episode was a rerun of "Double Barreled Rocket." In this episode, the boys build a rocket based on an old water tank (among other junk).

The show starts with the member's families building modroc egg lofters.  Good fun!

The Double Barrel Rocket was humongous.  It featured two large pipes for the "super powerful" rocket engines that they bought.  I think the motors were 4" N's (via Travis in a TRF thread).  The propellant grains were epoxied into the metal cases, so they weren't your typical reloads. However, they looked like that had screw-in closures (?). 

The motor tube pipes were centered in a huge PVC pipe and the 3-4 ft. diameter water tower formed the capsule.  The launch tower was a water tower ladder fitted with a 'C' rail from a barn door.  The ladder made access easy.

The resulting rocket was 22ft tall and weighed 700lb.  They even loaded a 'crash test dummy'.  That was a bad omen - it CATOed at about 50'.  Apparently, the forward closures blew.  The fireball was impressive but I didn't catch a photo of it.  Travis seems upset that the commercial motors blew, but assembly error could be a reasonable assumption.  Oh well, it was entertaining.