Thursday, October 20, 2011

How hard can it be?

This is both the title of a National Geographic Channel series and a rhetorical question about navigating their website.  Surrounding the heated discussion about the Rocket City Rednecks, I forgot to look for the rocket episodes on the title show.  Luckily, Clark Lindsey reminded me.  Unluckily, I haven't found any info on the NatGeo website, other than the linked videos. I see it was on yesterday, so I set up to record a repeat next week.  I'll report back.
How Hard Can It Be? Homemade Rocket

Could an average joe send a rocket into space? The How Hard Can It Be? hosts, Vin, Paul and Eric, are about to find out. They've been building crazy machines and fabulous inventions together for years, but now their skills will literally be pushed to the limit. Using everyday materials and knowhow that anyone could acquire they'll attempt to launch a homemade rocket into the atmosphere.
Clark  provided two links to two video clips.  For me, however, they both loaded the 'balloon lifts house' episode and then progressed to other series. YMMV.
/-- Hardware Store Rocket -- How Hard Can It Be?/National Geographic
/-- Rocket Launch Test - How Hard Can It Be?/National Geographic