Monday, October 10, 2011

Drones and nuttin' but drones

Here's a photo of the Navy's new, 'UFO-like' X-47B UAV.  Coming to an aircraft carrier near you in 2013. More info can be found here. Follow the post tag to see the music video. Since originally posting, I found a top view (below).  Has wings, not quite UFO-shaped.

I'm sure you've heard the reports that the USAF's drone control systems have been attacked by a keystroke logger.  There are many sources, but I'll refer you to the IEEE Spectrums Risk Factor blog.

A few days earlier, the Next Big Future  reported on a NYT article pointing out that the United State's 'monopoly' on armed UAVs is coming to an end.  The Chinese have unveiled some 25 models of armed UAVs.  The marketing of these included a simulation of one of them attacking a US aircraft carrier.  I guess we know who their target market might be. The article goes on to note the challenges this will raise, not only militarily but diplomatically.

I mentioned the protesters who got into it with the guards at the Air and Space Museum.  Evidently, they wanted to protest inside at the drone exhibit(s).

I also had seen a nice slideshow of UAV photos but I can't find it now.  Sorry.