Thursday, October 13, 2011

Defending the redneck

Well, I just checked back in with the TRF threads (#1 and #2) about the Rocket City Rednecks and found that Dr. Travis Taylor, aka the Ringleader, has joined and is giving more info about the show.  Well, and defending it too.  The TRF posters have been pretty much united in their contempt for the show.  Most sport rocketeers are sensitive when it comes to how our hobby is portrayed to the public. Despite the fact that the cast did a few things that are clearly silly to anyone who has used rocketry electronics,  I am less critical.  You can watch the show, read the thread, and draw your own conclusions.

It was a Wildman kit with a Rattworks Tribid motor. And, their own moonshine.

Travis, quit posting on TRF and make another rocket episode (even if your 1st season in a wrap). Update:  Here he tells more about the rockets they built for Season 1 (many of which never made it past the editors/producers) as well as some future rocket plans.