Friday, September 09, 2011

Stupid rocket trick #18

It's been a while since I made one of these posts.  Not that I haven't done anything stupid in between, I just haven't done anything that stood out. Except maybe leaving the ejection charge out on my Big Brute's last flight but that's another story.

Today's trick is about decals:
Waste a sheet of clear decal stock because you expected your dot matrix printer to print white.

So, I had decided to reprint the decals for my Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15.  I ruined the set provided in the kit when I covered them with Future Shine.  I thought this stuff was completely safe for decals but I found out otherwise.  Luckily, HP provided a full resolution image on the instruction CD.  I printed a new set and began reading the instructions to get a feel for their placement.  Then I read something like, 'I had to print them on white decal stock because my cheap printer won't print white.'  D'OH!  I struck me that my cheap printer won't print white either. 

I printed another copy on full page label stock.  They are on and the clear coat is drying.  I left off the 'NASA' banner on the dorsal fin because I had already applied MDRA stickers.  I guess mine is the USAF/MDRA variant!  Photos will be separately posted shortly.