Friday, September 09, 2011

Sport Rocketry, September/October 2011

While the lead article is  on TARC, it is the other articles that I found interesting.

Jeff Taylor has a nice build article on the Deimos, a futuristic kit provided by Sirius Rocketry.  The kit features pods on the wings and can fly on 'D' through 'F' power. Looks nice!  Next, tube fin guru Lary brand shows us how to convert an Estes Super Neon to fly on the CTI H45 (G motors too, of course).  I may not convert one but the techniques used may prove useful.  Vince Giovannone presents a themed oddroc that was built to honor the100 year anniversary of the Latham Fire Department. It featured a cartoon-like hydrant nose cone from a lawn toy, themed fins, and a long tail cone that looked like the nozzle of a fire hose.  Awesome concept but, unfortunately, it fell victim to a CATO on an old Ellis H275.  Next up, in case you don't know how to upscale your favorite rocket, Kathy Miller tells you how.  Finally, Ted Cochran has an article on the pending updates to NFPA 1122 (modrocs) and 1127 (HPR).  He describes the process and lists the major changes.  The article is spruced up with photos of the Philippino (?) Rocket festival, which features huge home made black powder rockets.  Now I have to read that article!