Thursday, September 01, 2011

ROCKETS Magazine, June 2011

The big article in this issue is about the two huge Saturn 1B's that flew from MDRA back in April.  I have posted lots of info about these projects but, if you want to know what else is between the covers, you'll need your own copy!

Other features include:
  • Part 5 of Frank Hermes' quest for a system to optimize the coast phase of staged flights.
  • MDRA member, LCO, rocket girl, and now Level-2 flier Momko Harper documents her quest for the latter.
  • A launch report on the 2011Battle of the Rockets competition.  This event, sponsored by the Federation of Galaxy Explorers and Tripoli Central Virginia, saw student teams competing in altitude events and in the deployment of rovers.
  • A report from the 'thrust junkies' of Pennsylvania State University's University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) team.
  • A review of Big Red Bee's BRB900 GPS product.
  • Jim Jarvis presents his research on using black powder charges in high altitude flights (>30k').   At those altitudes, BP doesn't fully combust. Jim says he usually uses CO2 at that altitude but wanted to use 'conventional' BP charges for a backup.