Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rocket City Rednecks moonshine rocket post mortem

If you haven't seen the episode and are worried about spoilers, hit your back button now.  However, I won't spoil it much since the attached promo photo pretty much already did that.

The idea is that they had a few days to build a moonshine and nitrous oxide powered rocket, including distilling the alcohol.  It was pretty clear to me that the rocket itself was well under way before the idea was supposedly hatched and it played 2nd stage to the construction of the still.   No details were provided but it looked like a typical HPR class rocket: fiberglass tubing, dual deploy, and an altimeter.  You didn't see much about the power plant save there was a copy of the nozzle/combustion chamber assembly used for a test firing.  I may go back and pause the DVR for a better look. 

They pretty much violated all three of their safety rules along the way.  The rules are cute and go something like, '1. Always follow rule three; 2. When in doubt refer to rule #1; and, 3. Safety first.' There was a mishap with one ejection charge, which was reportedly 'pre-loaded at the factory'. Hmmm.

Despite its flaws, I was entertained and, in the end, the rocket did fly.  Not bad for a backyard design on home made moonshine, even of some of the work took longer than advertized.  It is TV entertainment after all.  I have three more episodes that will be viewed at my leisure.  I hope these guys do more rocket episodes.