Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primer woes

I've been filling/sanding/priming/sanding by Big Brite clone and need to make a note to myself: Next time, buy something other than Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x I have had this problem before, but only remembered after I repeated my mistake.  That is, the primer develops hairline cracks that defy filling with additional coats.  I think I blamed this on the undercoat the last time but, this time, I shot the primer on unfilled LOC tubing and bare wood.  I shot two coats, one a half hour after the other.  This is well outside the 'coat before 1 hr or after 24 hrs' window.  Since it doesn't occur over the entire surface, I suppose it has to do with the thickness of the coats.  I generally lay paint on too thick, but generally do this on purpose with primer.  The fix is that I have to scrape the cracks with a scribe or hobby knife and then fill them with Fill'n'Finish before recoating.  In any event, in the future I will merely use another brand.  Plastikote has been good to me.