Saturday, September 17, 2011

Launch Report 2011-6

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-160)
Weather: cloudy, high 60s, wind ~5 MPH
Total flights: Today - 4; YTD - 52
Total motors: Today - 4; YTD - 67

The day started poorly with drizzle and Terp-football-induced traffic on the Beltway.  However, once past US-1 it was clear sailing to the Sod Farm.  The corn had been harvested but the generally easterly wind kept the rockets away from that area anyway.  The main field was just plowed so we had to trudge through thick, soft top soil.  A scout troop raised the flag to the Pledge of Allegiance and generally slowed things down.  It's the price we pay to nurture the next generation of rocketeers.

I saw and snapped some photos of the ~6in, single-use, 'P' motor that lofted Neil's Cow at LDRS.  Very impressive.

Skycopp gave me a 5.75" diameter Crayon bank and the tube from a 4" bank.  Thanks David, I'll put them to good use.  Hope you and your wife have a great trip!

Finally, on the Red Glare front, it was announced there would be an October launch at the Sod Farm.  'Nuff said!

Flying was cut short by light drizzle at 4PM. My few flights included:
  1. Public Enemy Ultra Fatboy "Mini Mojo" on a G185-6 - Very late ejection broke the ejection-charge-weakened 1/2" nylon strap that came with the kit.  I have a fin to reattach and will add a Kevlar leader through the body adjacent to the upper lug.
  2. Killer Bee on a G64-6 - Nice flight.  Ejection was 1-2 sec. late.
  3. Zoomie P-51D on a D12-5 -  Great flight! It rocket weather cocked and 'flew' into the prevailing wind. Ejection was late but it recovered with no damage. A 3 sec. delay would be advised.
  4. Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15 on a E20-7- This too angled into the wind.  Late ejection was the order of the day.  It found the gravel access road and one of the wing tip stabilizers broke.  Easy to replace.