Saturday, September 24, 2011

Build Session!

Warthog hosted another great build session.  It was fun to talk rockets, eat pizza, and look at what the other attendees were building. 

I made good progress on my Big Brute replacement.  I cut the body tube to length, slotted said tube, installed the motor mount that was recovered from the original, and attached the fins.  Next, I will add Superfil fillets, attach rail buttons, paint, and fly.  I'll have to tweak my original Rocksim to reflect the actual materials used.  I'm hoping the slightly heavier nose cone will offset the slightly thicker, tabbed fins.

Progress on the big fat Crayon bank was limited to lopping the top off. 

The star of the show was Warthog's SR-71 Blackbird rocket glider conversion.  I had never even seen a R/C servo up close so it was interesting to see how it is being built.