Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zoomie P-51D update

Today, I installed the motor mount in the tail cone.  I used polyurethane glue, which seems to work well on plastics. Instead of the SuperFil, I filled the gap between the tail cone and the motor mount with Testor's Contour Putty.  Much easier for a really small volume and it should work well with the plastic.

I made a card stock cone to fit in the space between the motor mount and the wall of the tail cone's shoulder.  For just for a tad bit more durability., the double-wall card stock is coated was coated with carpenter's glue   I consider this an experiment and will report back via my flight reports.  For the record, the black dots seen in the photo are crud that popped out of the spent motor when I dropped the assembly.

I'm still not convinced that the plywood retainer will hold up when abutted to the end of a motor.  So, I'm going to use a piece of Kevlar though the wall adjacent to the intake mounted on the bottom.  The lug will be in the same general spot.  I'll also report back on how the retainer holds up.

As for future plans, I have been kicking around how to trim out the model.  Almost all the P-51D's that I've seen have a silver base, so that part is easy.  After that, there is a wide variety of trim colors (or none).  If you look at the post-war racers, the options increase even more.  If nothing changes, I plan on a yellow and black checkerboard just behind the cone and on the rudder fin.  That means the nose will probably be yellow, as will the wing tips.  I'm planning on using the blue and white National Aircraft Insignia that was used from 1943 - 1947.  This appears to have been used on most if not all of the P-51Ds.  But, plans may change.