Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoomie P-51D, update número tres

As you see, I got the silver base coat on.  I probably should have laid on another coat but I got antsy.  Due to Hurricane Irene and Fajitafest, I won't  be able to get back to her until Monday and I have a case of build fever.  Next, I grabbed a Sharpie and highlighted the cockpit, wheels, and tail section.  I'm going to thin some blue paint and give the cockpit 'glass' a blue tint.  I plan on brush on black paint for the wheels but have to make a Michael's run.  For the general marking scheme, I'm flip-flopping between:
  • No decals, just paint.
  • Decals printed on white label stock.
  • Buying a cheap kit just for the decals.
The latter may be an option if they have one at Michael's and if I have a 40% or 50% coupon. If I go this route, I'll follow the model's paint scheme.  If not, the tip of the nose, the wing tips, and the rear of the rudder will be painted either red , blue or yellow.  (That's a flip-flop within a flip flop.) If I print the decals, a checkerboard pattern will be involved.  I don't think I'll trouble you any more until I decide.

The shock cord is installed but I haven't given any further thought to nose weight.

Stay dry,  my friends!