Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoomie P-51D, update 4

Irene may have kept me from the painting booth that is my back yard, but she didn't stall my progress.  In between preparations for Fajitafest, I managed to press forward.

I didn't have black brush on paint, but I did have a jumbo sized Sharpie.  I think they look good enough as-is.  I also painted the cockpit.  I tried thinning white paint, adding blue streaks, and ended up leaving them a somewhat mottled sky blue.  Not what I envisioned, but not bad.

The big change is the exhausts from the P51-D's Packard V-1650 V-12 engine.  You may notice that the simple dowels were replaced with something a bit snazzier. Anyone want to guess what these are?