Monday, August 01, 2011

Yarn wrapped cone experiment - results

The pluses - It looks like a usable cone.  It's nice and sparkly in the sun (better live than in the photo).

The minuses - It's not perfectly uniform.  The surface is not smooth.  The deck need cleaning and sealing.

I won't try to fill in the gaps since that will wash out its shininess and brightness. It will now be returned to my fleet of unused cones.  I don't need another 29mm 3/4FNC rocket so I'm waiting for some fin/body options to make it more unique/odd.

Oops...just found I didn't publish the background post.  So, there it is...


At LDRS 2000 in Orangeburg, SC, a local vendor was selling awesome looking cones made from yarn wrapped Styrofoam cores.  They were cased in clear epoxy and looked great.  When I gathered my cash and returned, they were sold out.  I have tried yarn wrapped cones twice before.  The first one had an AquaPod water bottle core and it was laminated with Mixwax Polycrylic.  It didn't turn out a nice as the ones seen at LDRS, but I was happy.  On the next try, I used a floral Styrofoam core and laminated it again with Polycrylic.  I had tried West System epoxy, but it was not clear enough.  The color of the yarn really was washed out.  I have since painted it.

After sorting through my unused cones, I decided to try again using the cone that was turned from pink Styrofoam. I was going to try thin casting epoxy but is is so slow curing that I thought it would take a month of Sundays to complete.  Being lazy, I am used Modgepodge, a thin white glue intended to seal jigsaw puzzles among other things.

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