Tuesday, August 09, 2011

YAHP (yet another hodgepodge post)

A reader provided links to photo essays about the Russian museum of the "NPP Zvezda" aerospace corporation.
Parabolic Arc has update on Firestar Technologies' new, environmentally friendly mono-propellant.. NOFBX, a nitrous oxide/fuel/emulsifier blend, will be tested next year on the ISS.

Parabolic Arc also reports that NASA has selected 7 companies for suborbital research flights under the Flight Opportunities Program.  The selected companies will get two year IDIQ contacts with an aggregate value of $10M.  That's what I call keeping your options open!
  1. Armadillo Aerospace, Heath, Texas
  2. Near Space Corp., Tillamook, Ore.
  3. Masten Space Systems, Mojave, Calif.
  4. Up Aerospace Inc., Highlands Ranch, Colo.
  5. Virgin Galactic, Mojave, Calif.
  6. Whittinghill Aerospace LLC, Camarillo, Calif.
  7. XCOR, Mojave, Calif.
Chris Taylor, who provides NARAM Live, has also announced that he will publish a free, semi-annual e-magazine entitled Trust in Thrust.  The full scope is up in the air, but initially will focus on micro/nano (think MicroMaxx) and "exotic/interesting" rockets.  I'm not sure what the latter means but it opens the magazine up to pretty much whatever he wants in there.  I won't post his email here.  If you want to submit material, you can probably contact him through Rocketry Live or the MicroMax Yahoo Group (login required).

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