Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Harbor Freight trip

I went to Harbor Freight today, coupons in hand:
  • I intended to pick up their oscillating multi-tool that was on sale for $19.99.  Found it had no attachments.  The version with attachments and a plastic carrying case was $39.99, $31.99 with a coupon.  By the time you count the cost of the attachments (cutters, sanding pads, etc), it was a wash.  The plunge cutter made short work on 3/32" ply so I think it will be useful.  May have to cough up $8-$15 bucks for a half moon cut-off blade.  The more expensive range is for a diamond crusted blade.  Need to wait for a better sale on that.
  • Got a new heat gun since my old one suddenly gave up the ghost (~$8).
  • Two 9-LED flashlights for 2 bucks.  I keep leaving them places so I wanted more.  Soon, there will be one within reach, no matter where I am.
  • A free multi-meter.  (The same one that reportedly bursts into flame on the high current setting?)  Just fine for determining the impedance of your igniters or to determine the state of your 9v batteries.  It's in the box.  The range box, that is.

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