Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fixing and changing

After last weekend's launch, I was short two fins and one nosecone with streamer.  I cut two replacement fins for the Mini Patriot from 1/64" glass - thin, light and cuttable with scissors.  It is once again ready to fly.  To fix the Eenie Meanie, I rummaged through my box of dead and scrap rockets, most of which were inherited from Paul Miller.  I found a suitable cone, which was even painted orange to match the Eenie Meanie.  I also found the fin section of an 18mm rocket...which was also painted orange with black trim.  How could I not convert it to a booster for the Eeenie Meanie?  Add a short piece of 13mm tubing (yes, also from Paul), a sliver of a spent motor, a paper shroud, a BT5-BT20 centering ring, a launch lug and, voilla, you have the Eenie Meaner.  A C6-0 to an A10-3 should get to around 1,500'.


  1. That fin unit seems to be from an Estes Scorpion kit. That was my favorite Estes kit when I was a kid and the first thing I did when I became a BAR was to build a clone.

    I got one, and only one, launch of my original Scorpion. (those two stage flights go really high!) Luckily, my clone saw many launches until a rough landing crimped the tube.

    I guess the next thing to do is an upscale. Maybe to about 3x?

  2. Thanks, I had no idea where it came from.