Sunday, August 07, 2011

Big a$$ project of the day - Eric Gates Memorial Saturn-1B

I just found out about the 1/10th scale Saturn-1B that is slated to be built and flown in honor of Eric Gates at BALLS 20 -- -- Flickr album.

22' tall, 27' in daimeter, 2-stage, 22 motors, ~1 ton total vehicle weight, projected altitude of 27k' AGL.
Booster: five 152mm P5466 motors, four 98mm N1960 motors, combined liftoff thrust 11,548 lbs
Sustainer: one 152mm P5219 motor, four 98mm N1960 motors, combined sustainer thrust 4368 lbs
Total installed Newton-seconds at liftoff: "Over a half million.... give or take..." - P. Gordzelik

That should be worth the price of admission.

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