Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cluster Bomb facelift is complete

As noted early this morning, I found a scan of the Estes decals.  I upscaled a few of them and filled in the background with what I thought was a suitable green.  It turns out that it wasn't that close, but then the whole model isn't in great shape.  I decided that it was close enough and that trying to photograph the paint and find its RGB values wasn't worth the effort. 

To treat the label paper, I first shot on some matte clear coat.  Once installed, I tacked the edges with thin CA. Next, I coated them with Future Shine (or whatever it's being called nowadays). The stickers looked OK but I got some on the matte paint.  So, I added another coat of the matte clear coat. (Remember, my finishing skills are remedial at best.)

I also made the following adjustments:
  • I added a small spacer under each rail button.  After the rocket sat in the water the tube was slightly warped so the rail scraped the nose cone.
  • In true trash rocketry style, I reinforced the top of the tube with a wrap of black duct tape. Despite using a home made cord protector, the top of the tube has had to be repaired a couple of times.
  • Finally, I installed two MDRA stickers, which will ensure the rocket flies perfectly from now on.
So, it's ready for its secret payload.  I'll report back if the payload has its desired effect.  If not, this will be the last I say about that!