Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All hail the Anti-Hail Rockets

I have heard of several examples of rockets being used in lightning research but this is the first I've heard of small rockets being used for weather modification.  A long list of links for cloud seeding/anti-hail rockets was provided by YORF member blackshire as potential subjects for full-scale model rockets.  I included a photo of the Serbian PGR PP-8 and -6T as  examples.  These are 72mm in diameter and 950mm/1170mm in length.  These would be easily modeled in full scale.  Well, you'd have to build your own tubes of course.  For me, a standard old 3" tube would be close enough!

I found it interesting that several (including the Russian made Alazan-5) say they are safe for use in densely populated areas, with a "probability of safe use for population, not less than 0.99999."  I guess they don't need no steenkin' safe distances! The Alazan-5 also introduces a new type of recovery, which I'll call intentional in- flight rekitting:
The rocket can be safely used over densely populated areas due to body crushing into small fragments after the seeding is over. 

I've done that, but not intentionally!

So, take a look-see.  I surfed them with scripts blocked so I missed some things.  Let me know if you  find anything interesting.