Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sport Rocketry July/August 2011

The issue starts with an series of articles on NARCON 2011, which was held in Seattle.  As usual, there were a number of sessions I'd have liked to have attended:  the 'Early Composite Motor Forum' with Mark Mayhle (?), Gary Rosenfield, Randy Sobczak (?), and Matt Steele; Matt's talk on ATK's launch vehicles; NARHAMSter Tom Ha on 'Cheap Rocketry' (a subject close to my heart); Dr. Roy Houchin's talk on 'USAF Hypersonics from WWII to the Dyna Soar Project'; 'From Brainstorm to Catalog' with John Boren (Estes), Bill Stine (Quest), and Bill Simon (Estes) talking about the early days of model rocketry; and, Mark Bundick's 'Growing Up Wallops'.

And, there's more about Wallops in Allan Williams' Black Brant Engineering Flight at Wallops Island.

Finally, there's a nice, detailed article on the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Future of Aerospace rocket.  It was a nicely styled, 280 lb, 'O'-class rocket,  It had a hiccup or two and the 2011 version is in work.  There is a really great launch shot from a high vantage point, maybe a plane.