Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Re-building the Ankyo234

As you may have noticed, I flew the Ankyo234-1 last weekend.  This time, it went up nicely and gravity did its thing.  As Neil McGilvray likes to say, "we've never left one up there, yet."  However, it didn't bounce like I had hoped.  Just too floppy I guess.  When I got home, I was going to check the nose weight assembly and found that it is was now quite loose.  Here, I guess the force of the landing permanently compressed the inside wall of foam body (?).  I contemplated just retiring it back to duty as a pool toy but, since I have nothing else on the bench, I am reworking it.  I noticed that most people had converted theirs to actually deploy a 'chute-like object so this is what I'm doing:

Cut a full length T-35 tube; add a 24mm mount on one end; and, steal some Kevlar from a model in my Paul Miller box-o-junk.  Since my rocket's body is twisted, the lug can't sit in one of the natural grooves so I marked a tip-to-tip line on a ridge just above the CP. The nose cone will be half of an orange plastic Easter Egg and couple of inches of Loki 29mm liner tube which fits perfectly in the T-35.  After the current glue dries, about all that's left is to determine if any nose weight is needed.  I reworked the RockSim model and it appears a lot less weight will be needed than on the original.