Monday, July 25, 2011

Planning for the Big Brute replacement/clone

When I heard rumors that North Coast Rocketry might be back in business (now projected for an October 1 start), I decided I'd wait to see if they offered this kit.  It appears, however, that they won't offer any of the original designs.  So, I'm once again planning to clone it.  I'll buy an LOC 4" tube, which will be cut in half.  I'll re-use the cone I've been flying on my El Tubo Loco.  This will make the new one ~1/2" longer than the original - close enough!  I saved the motor mount, with the built-it Gorilla shock cord mount.  That leaves the fins.  Luckily, one of the originals survived the nose dive through the tree.  I used that as a pattern and have cut some replacements.  I'll probably wait until Warthog's next build session to proceed.  I'd like to use his table saw on the tube and belt sander to even up the fins.  Not to mention his new fin slotting jig :)