Sunday, July 10, 2011

Never Say Never complete and ready to fly

To recap, the Never Say Never came to be when I found out that the guts of my crashed Grand Whazoo fit nicely in the big plastic Folger's coffee bins that my son scavenged for me.  Then, I found that the nose from the also defunct Birdhouse, Ver. 2 was the right diameter (overall and shoulder diameter).  Four 9" bins and one 6" bin fit the surplus Grand Whazoo component perfectly.  The next steps included cutting holes in coffee bins, sliding them on and interconnecting them with duct tape. 

The fin configuration is shown in the photos - luan plywood fins and an section of 8" dia. Sonotube.  The fins are thru-the-wall and are attached with Gorilla brand polyurethane glue.  I made a tab on the fin tips and notched the Sonotube pieces accordingly.  However, the tube fins were still quite floppy.  I'll spare you the intermediate thought process but I ended up adding the inside tubes shown in the photos.  These were cut from the inside part of a telescoping mailing tube.  They support the Sonotube fins against both the luan fins as well as the wall of the lower coffee bin. 

 I did no priming and almost no sanding.  The fins were painted with brush-on acrylic and over coated with Krylon gloss clear. El-cheapo all the way.

Loaded with a big parachute but no motor, the stability margin is 1.1.  Loaded with an H165, the margin drops to 0.9.  This shouldn't be too bad considering base drag was not considered.