Friday, July 29, 2011

More about my home made cones

Hope this inspires the scratch builder and odd-rocketeer in you.  Clockwise, starting with the big gray one:
  1. 5.5" dia., made from two sizes of floral foam cones, glassed with a plastic tip. Never used.
  2. 4" dia (sized for BT-101), turned from pink foam, glassed.  Also not used.
  3. 4" dia, glass over a card stock cone.  Scavenged from the remains of my V-2-like Grand Whazoo.
  4. 3" dia, carved pink foam. The original cone on the Tarkus II.
  5. 3" dia, plastic doohickey filled with 2-part foam and tipped with a PML 29mm solid urethane cone.  The second cone used on the Landshark.
  6. ~54mm, made from a body tube and filled with 2-part foam, not used [how-to post].
  7. 54mm, turned balsa, needs cleaning up. Not ready for prime time.
  8. 54mm, turned pink foam.  Needs lots of work.
  9. 38mm, made from a daiquiri glass and an seasonal M&M package.  Will be used on my Lost In Space Robot rocket.
  10. 29mm, made from a garden spike.  May never be used (?).