Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doin' the ol' nose cone shuffle

At the moment, I have nothing on the workbench (actually, its covered with stuff, just no active projects).  My Lost In Space Robot is stalled. I'm happy with the 'head'/nosecone section, but I have decided to start over on the rest. So, I have been poking around the Dungeon, surveying the fleet and sorting tubes, nosecones, and a lots of small parts.  Above is a photo of some of the 38mm - 5.5" cones I have lying around.

Along the way, I replaced the spikey cone (3rd from the right, bottom row) on my Landshark with the cone from the Twice Removed from Yesterday.  The Landshark's new look is shown to the right.  The cone is sort of multi-conical.  It was made from a section of tube but, because I only used  4 sections, it is quite chunky looking.  I guess 'multi-pyramidal' would be a better term.  I  like it a lot more on the Landshark than on the TRFY.  This cone is the second used on the TRFY and the 3rd on the Landshark, hence the post title.

I also somehow got motivated to fly a bunch of my mini-motor-powered fleet.  There's no accounting for what catches my interest.  I will try to drag the following rockets out to the next Goddard launch:
  1. Mini-V2 (A10-3)
  2. Mini Marz Lander (A10-3)
  3. Skinny Mini (A10-3)
  4. Mini Patriot (A10-3)
  5. Cognis Eenie Meanie (A10-3)
  6. Little Joe I paper conversion (A10-3)
  7. Flics 13mm (A10-3)
  8. Give 'em the Finger foam 'boink' rocket (A10-P)
  9. Art Applewhite Saucer (A10-P)
  10. Odd'l Birdie (A10-P)