Sunday, June 19, 2011

You can do this, or you can do that (post-launch update)

As noted in my launch report, the Ankyo234 was, well, unstable.  Is my RockSim model was flawed? The fins too floppy? The nose weight shifted?  The model certainly may not reflect the odd shaped body with it's twisted channels.  The fins are very floppy and this could explain why it started up OK but then looped when the speed built up. And, there is no way to tell whether the nose weight shifted in flight or at impact.  At a bit over 6 oz loaded, I decided more nose weight was not the solution.  I can't stretch its length, so the only other solution was to trim down the forward fins.  It will go up on a C11 next time.

The X-Fire 18mm probably could fly again, but is likely retired.  I have too many monocopters and monocopter-like objects to worry about it.

The Grizzly Behr monocopter is dead.  The burn through caused the wood glue impregnated twine to compress the motor tube.  This could also be repaired but...(see above).

I am really bummed about the Big Brute.  I may build a clone...but it just won't be the same.  I'd want real rocket parts, probably Blue Tube, but don't want to cough up the cash right now.  Maybe I'll try out Don's new slot router jig in the winter.  (Oh yeah, I found the powder charge stuffed in an odd spot in the range box.  It appears I pulled it out, got distracted, and hid it. DO'H)

I need an E18 for the Days of Future Passed.  But I need a -8 not the -4 that I have. Hopefully, next time there will be a vendor on-site.  A SU E20 might work too.

Well, looks like I have nuttin' to fix and there is nothing new on the bench.  Time to amble down into the Dungeon and see what I have on-hand.