Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pool Noodle 'boink' rocket - status update

First off, I found that the name Ankyo, followed by a long series of numbers, is marked on a fin. Sounds like a rocket name to me.  So, the rocket is now named the Ankyo234 (using the first 3 numbers in the series).

I entered the design in RockSim and fudged around with the materials just to get the mass in the ballpark (I'll enter actuals later).  I simulated the ribs with long fat fins.  It looks like 2 oz of nose weight will be required to get it stable on a D12.  The margin will be about 1.5 just in case my model is flawed. 

I found that Quest T-35 tubing is a great fit in the center hole. For the business end, I centered a 24mm tube in some T-35 and added a card stock thrust ring.  The lower lug sits between the rings so the rings were notched.  On the nose end, I found a rigid foam cylinder in my junk box.  It fits perfectly.  Once again, I'm amazed at how pieces of random junk work so well in my builds.  I'll add an upper lug in another piece of tube and will notch the foam to allow the rod to pass.  The foam will sit in the tube and the nose weight will be epoxied to its base, around the lug.  The trick will be to make sure the lugs are aligned!

This may even be ready for Saturday's MDRA launch!