Saturday, June 04, 2011

Links and nuttin' but links

In no particular order:
  • Here's a Flickr album on the flight of the the Copenhagen Suborbitals' HEAT 1X-Tycho Brahe flight: - Mission 2011.
  • And more HEAT 1X-Tycho Brahe videos, via Clark Lindsey.
  • A funky 3-D video of Armadillo's latest hover test of the Supermod (also found on Clark's RLV Blog). (P.S. - I you click over to YouTube directly, you can turn off the 3-D.)
  • Scott Lowther posts on the A-11, a V-2 variant that would have been capable of putting satellites into orbit.
  • The boys at Air Command have experimentally determined that ~10% of your water rocket's thrust can come from the contraction of an expanded 2L bottle - Day 106.
  • '&%$# yeah, space exploration' continues to post great photos, like this one of the Shuttle.