Saturday, June 18, 2011

Launch Report 2011-2

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-157)
Weather: partly cloudy, high 80s, wind 0-5 MPH
Total flights: Today - 10; YTD - 21
Total motors: Today - 12; YTD - 33

The traffic through Annapolis and approaching the Bay Bridge was heavier than I've seen in 2 seasons, but it only cost me ~15 minutes.  The weather cooperated very well and the crowd was light due to the absence of boy scouts.  As usual, I stole Don's shade.  The only bad thing was the pad area is now surrounded on 2 sides with corn.  Corn at a sod farm?  That's just wrong!.  So, unless we relocate elsewhere on the farm, the remaining launches will be a PITA.  It wasn't that bad today, but that corn is growing fast.

My Flights:

  1. NCR Big Brute on a G138-6 - Quick up, quick down. RIP.  This was the 25th flight of one of my favorite rockets.  I'll have to clone it. See the attached pics.
  2. Hat of Death on a G71-P - Nice red flame.  Easily found in the short corn.
  3. Margin of Error on an H165-6 - Nice flight with ejection at apogee.  It took some searching to find it, even though the corn was short.
  4. Grizzly Behr monocopter on a QC6-3 - Very anemic.  I think the burn through killed the motor's thrust.  Lesson learned:  DON'T use Quest motors in spinny things.
  5. Art Applewhite X-Fire 24mm (Beta) on 2x C11-3 - I wanted to fly this on two D12's, but found myself short on them.  So, C11's it was! Only one lit, proving that these are stable on one motor (at least when balanced with the 2nd one).
  6. Art Applewhite X-Fire 24mm (Beta) on 2x E9-4 - There had been reports of this rocket re-kitting itself on E9's so, of course, I had to try it.  Yes, it re-kitted itself.
  7. Art Applewhite X-Fire 18mm on 2x Quest C6-3 - Nice enough flight, but was damaged due to burn through.  See lesson learned above.
  8. I Build Rockets Ballistic Chicken on a Quest C6-5 - No 'chute, only the top 1/2" of tube was crunched.
  9. I Build Rockets Ballistic Chicken on a Quest C6-5 - Straightened the crunch and re-loaded it.  Nice flight.
  10. Ankyo234 on a D11-P - It went up, looped, headed up again, and then looped back to the ground. Boink!  I think a video was taken and I'll post if it appears on the MDRA gallery.