Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gustave Eiffel probably would shudder

I completed Phase 1 of the Eiffel Tower, er, build.  I didn't figure a way to implement a recovery system, so there isn't one.  One good thing about MDRA is they are amenable to trying things like this.  Especially in low power.  The pads are far away from the LCO and further from the crowd.  I am not sure how much 'aero braking' will go on with this design.  I haven't even figured out if it will be stable.  That's Phase 2.  The good news is that this won't go high or far.  Depending on the condition of the Sod Farm's field, I may wait until we get back to the plowed fields of Price.

So far, all I did was to drill the base for an 18mm mount and install a lug. With just a tad of grinding on the bottom inside rim of the bird entry way, the lug fits nicely through the opening. I covered the opening with duct tape.  If it flies and recovers, I'll replace that and paint the rocket.