Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sport Rocketry Magazine, May/June 2011

Now, THAT'S a Fat Boy! Love the AeroTech J500 Mojave Green.

In this issue:
  • Electronics:  MAWD Telemetry and the Garmin Astro GPS.
  • A awesome build article on an ASP, complete with launcher!
  • How to get 500 modrocs launched in one day. (Well at least 497.)
  • A report on the Waimea Aeronautical Space Academy student launch conducted at the Pacific Missile Range Facilities in Mana, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • A how-to about those crinkly mylar streamers that fold up like an acordion.
  • Plans for the Trifid, a futuristic rocket inspired by the Mars Snooper.  Complete with a FlisKits Tres mount.
Nice issue!