Friday, May 20, 2011

The SpaceLoft XL-5 flight is on deck (or on the pad)...NOW

Via Clark Lindsey:
Don't forget that the UP Aerospace launch of their SpaceLoft XL rocket at Spaceport America will be webcast on Friday morning. The launch is scheduled for 7:00 am MDT (9:00 EDT).

The UP Aerospace home page says,
The launch crew successfully conducted the mission dress rehearsal. The launch window is from 7:00 AM MST until 9:00 AM MST tomorrow. The webcast will begin at 6:00 AM MST.
The launch webcast can be viewed at or

Find updates also at Celestis (a HS advertiser) and their page for The Goddard Memorial Spaceflight. Also, Photos To Space (another HS advertiser) will be posting info on their blog. Both have payloads on the rocket.

Here's a direct link to the webcast. Lots of cool student payloads, including my favorite...New Mexican green chilies.  Yum, I want some zero gravity chilli rellenos!