Saturday, April 30, 2011

New "X-rated" rockets in the fleet

The Art Applewhite Rockets X-Fire (pronounced cross-fire) is a  dual motor bi-copter (i.e. it has two wings).  The X-Fire line has  replaced the Double Helix.  It also uses a tube as the kit's 'backbone',  however, the wings are parallel to this tube instead of being in-line.  Like the Helix/Double Helix, these kits only have a handful of parts,  including the basswood wings and an LOC/precision body tube.  The only tools/materials required are  white glue, a sharp hobby knife, and a ruler.  They go together fast and easy.  I wish flying them would be that easy.  It appears I'll have to wait until June to get them up.  At least that gives me plenty of time to paint them! A full review will follow shortly thereafter.