Sunday, April 03, 2011

Massive rocket indecision

OK, so I now have my still un-named rocket primed. Progress! Well, not so fast!  As I was pondering my recent posts about 'what-if' Saturn variants, I noticed the similarity my SRBs have to the UA-1205 boosters proposed for the MLV-Saturn V-4(S)-A-3 (as shown in the center figure here).  And, said Saturn looks a lot like the Skylab Saturn V that Dr. Zooch sells. The Skylab version is shorter and has no SRBs, but I have BT-60 and the strap-ons. Did I mention that the BT-5 SRBs will be close-enough-for-sport-scale when mated with a BT-60 Saturn?  Well, they will.  All these observations make me wonder if I even want to use them on my current build.  Or, should I build my Dyna-Soar booster sans SRB's and buy a Dr. Zooch kit?  Ah well, I'm going to have zero time for rockets for a couple of weeks so I have time to think about the situation. Plus, I ain't paying for shipping and want that MDRA that means I'll have even more time to decide.

PS - This makes me feel like NASA...or is that Congress...or both?