Monday, March 14, 2011

Sport Rocketry, March/April 2011

This issue really makes up for the last one (which I thought was the least interesting issue since I re-joined the NAR).  Here's a cover-to cover walk through:

The cover features the Rocket Girl, flown by a rocket girl.  Carol M. got her level-2 at NARAM-52 with this rocket. The inside cover features some of Estes new offerings for 2011.  The Maxi Alpha Three looks temping. I see editor is begging for articles so future issues won't resemble the previous one.

The first article is a tale of one rocketeer's quest for his Junior Level-1 Certification. The second is a detailed build article on The W9YA Elegant Launch Controller.  This looks like a pretty good design and it's always good to have some examples if you want to design your own.

The third article is Honoring the Mission: Apollo 13 by Duane Lanterman and Dave Kovar.  It mixes sport rocketry with a lot of historical info and photos (both current and historic).  Very nice piece.   (In the middle is an ad featuring Quest's 2011 lineup.  These sure look nice when laid out all in one place).

Want more rocket history?  The next article is ARCAS by Dr. Ray Houchin II.  This item is packed with historical photos and diagrams.  My favorite is the launch photo, but the diagrams of the motor and parachute details are pretty awesome.  This is one of those articles that would make the magazine even if it was the only one published.

Finally, I got to read about several of my NARHAMS rocketry pals in Jim Filler's NARHAMS does Kitbash. These rockets presented are right up my alley.  You gotta love it when people resort to the kit packaging to complete their rockets :)