Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rare, vintage sounding rocket photos

Hydra-Sandhawk, from the private collection of Fred Seward, who was the PI of the science experiments on the launches.

This thread on features vintage photos of various sounding rockets, including the Bullpup-Cajun, Aerobee 75, Dualhawk (Sandhawk-Tomahawk), Hydra-Sandhawk, Nike-Nike-Deacon, Nike-Nike-T40-T55, Nike-Nike-Triple Deacon-T40, Sparoair II, and Sparoair III.   I included a reduced resolution photo of the Hydro-Sandhawk, which launched 3/4 submerged from a floating platform.  See the forum for the full sized version and a shot of it being loaded onto a ship. (via YORF)

You can find more on the Hydra-Sandhawk here.