Thursday, March 31, 2011

More info on large launch vehicle concepts, circa 1961

YORF's luke strawwalker has evidently been playing  a lot on the NTTRS.  His earlier post entitled Saturn Studies Summary--Large Launch Vehicles System Oct.1961, provides a summary of an 800+ page report.  Again, he has generated a summary description and has extracted many diagrams.  I grabbed a single diagram showing another NOVA concept (which is actually not from the study, but what the heck..
This is another NOVA concept that would make an interesting model... it consists of a first stage consisting of a cluster of SIXTEEN! SRMs, 612 inches in diameter! The second stage consists of 4 SRMs in a 360 inch diameter cluster, topped by a third stage that is 360 inches in diameter powered by 6 "S-II" engines (presumably J-2) with a fourth stage that looks like a stretched 260 inch diameter S-IVB stage, powered by a pair of J-2 engines... what a COMPLETE MONSTER of an LV!!