Monday, March 28, 2011

More about the un-named rocket

Pods are primed, will wait a day or so to lay on the gloss-white.  Each will get three silver vinyl stripes and I'll hand paint the nozzles silver.  Fins are being attached.  I'll paint the body without the pods and will mask their attachment points. Payload coupler is assembled.  The Dyna-Soar is heavy and I don't want it to come down pointy nose first.  I'm going to make it come down in 2 parts and will build a harness connected to both ends of the top section so it will come down horizontal.  Or slightly with the nose up.  I've never tried this before even on models where it was recommended.

As for names, these are some that have come to mind:  Titan-? (? being some letter or number), DynaSoar Carrier, Brigantine, Nixon (after my daughters dog, not our ex-Prez), X-20 Space Pirate.  The quest continues...