Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MDRA donates $1k to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief effort

As posted on ROL...I hope my last donation was a part of it!

MDRA has expanded its role outside of the rocketry community in the past couple of years. The Red Glare series of launches have served as the vehicle to extend a hand to those less fortunate. With the selfless participation and generous donations of MDRA members, groups like Caring Bridges, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Fisher House have been recent recipients of MDRA’s goodwill.

The members of MDRA have banded together to help those who required the Red Cross to intervene when Mother Nature dealt them a bad hand. Victims of Katrina, the Thailand tsunami, and the Haiti earthquake, to name a few, have been helped by the goodwill of the MDRA family of rocketeers. Now, the victims of Japan’s devastating perfect storm of a 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe are in need, and MDRA has reached out to the Japan Association of Rocketry, JAR, to help with their immediate needs.

Japan Association of Rocketry is the Japanese equivalent to our own National Association of Rocketry, NAR, and is the largest organized rocketry organization in Japan. With the help of the MDRA member Momoko Harper and the JAR, MDRA has sent a donation of $1,000.00 to the Japanese Red Cross to assist the victims of this disaster. Once again, the members of MDRA dug deep and gave, so that others would have a better tomorrow.

Despite the magnitude of the disaster in Japan, as it would with any good rocketeers, the JAR’s note of appreciation quickly turns to back to rockets. Below is the e-mail received in appreciation of the donation sent to the JRC:

Thank you so much for the donation of $1000.00 sent to the Japan Red Cross by MDRA.
JAR (Japan Association of Rocketry) appreciate the warm friendship of the members of MDRA towards Japan.
The Japanese team participating in the TARC event is from Iwata High School and will be led by Mr. Harada who has gone to 7 TARC finals.
The latest earthquake hit the Iwata area. Happily everyone is safe and ok.
According to the schedule, we will be participating on May 13 in the TRAC Finals. We ask for your support.
Furthermore, JAXA, the Japan Space Agency Education Center, personal have prepared a gift to be presented at the TRAC Finals which represents the friendship between America and Japan.
JAXA Space Education Center director Hideo Nakamura and Space Education Personal have worked very hard.
Please convey to President Robert Utley JAR's deepest appreciation for his actions.
To each and every member, our deepest heartfelt appreciation.

Japan Association of Rocketry
President Mokoto Yamada