Sunday, March 20, 2011

Launch Report 2011-01

Location: Price, MD (MDRA ESL-154)
Weather: partly cloudy, low 50's, wind 0 - 5 MPH
Total flights: Today - 11; YTD - 11
Total motors: Today - 21; YTD - 21

I left very early under the light of the Supermoon.  I crawled out of bed earlier than normal to meet Warthog at Batter Up for a big plate of chicken fried steak and eggs. Mmmm, it was good!  The weather was nippy but the wind was as low as I've ever seen it on the Shore.  It was essentially zero for the first few hours. The drive and parking was dry, and the field was partially grassy and relatively smooth.  The crowd wasn't huge but the flying was brisk.

My Flights:
  1. Tarkus II on a G138-6 -  This was a re-worked version (purely for aesthetics), complete with the new 'Brown Engineering' crew module (nose cone).  The boost was arrow straight, ejection was a couple of seconds after apogee, but the 'chute didn't open :eek:  Somehow, the only damage was the Lexan stabilizer fin came loose.  I like this new motor!
  2. Rocketman Enterprises Explorer 7 Freedom to Fly,  a.k.a. "Crusader" on an I357-10 -  Great boost, ejection at apogee, no 'chute, again :eek:2.  One fillet has a stress crack but the fin seems secure.
  3.  Art Applewhite Max-Q (beta) on 4 x Estes C6-3 -  The boost was arrow straight (no wind) and the altitude was very respectable.
  4. Art Applewhite Max-Q (beta) on 7 x A3-4 -  This spun wildly since one of the outer motors did not ignite.  Quickmatch isn't as reliable on these smaller motors.  Or, more accurately, the installer wasn't as reliable.
  5. Art Applewhite Max-Q (beta) on 2 x E9-4 - Nice long flight with a slight turn into the light wind.  One interesting observation is that the motors continued to spew burning chunks as the Max-Q was headed back down after burn-out.
  6. Hermes A-1 on a Quest B6-4 - Nice flight with ejection 1 - 2 seconds after apogee.
  7. I Build Rockets' Ballistic Chicken on a Quest B6-4 - Nice flight with nose-down ejection.  The second flight was scrubbed because a fin stripped on ejection.  Warthog found it, but it was too late for on-field repairs. Next time, it'll go on a C6-5.
  8. Semroc Little Joe II on a Quest B6-4 - Nice flight but it appears bad things came in two's today.  The escape tower obviously hit a fin at ejection and the top was lost.  It was later returned under the provision that I donate a buck to the Red Glare X charity, the Fisher House.  The Fisher House provides housing for the families of military personnel who are hospitalized.
  9. Hat of Death on an E9-4 -  Good flight but with some weather cocking.
  10. Semroc V-2 (non-scale fins) on a Quest B6-4 - Good flight.
  11. MicroMaxx Saucer on 'Roids on a Quest C6-5 - It zoomed over the flight line and some how I found it. This was an unplanned 'filler' flight since all my planned ones were complete.
Photos now tucked below the jump break: