Friday, March 18, 2011

Countin' my chickens before they hatch FLY

The literal count is one, one Ballistic Chicken. But what I was getting at in the title is that I have laid out and prepped my rockets for tomorrow; and I even built a couple of reloads.  Last time I prepped for a launch, I had emergency surgery.  Never the less, I threw caution to the wind and am all set for tomorrow.  What could go wrong?

I won't list all my planned flights but I have several test flights planned for the Ballistic Chicken and beta test Max-Q.  I'm going to try to shred my Tarkus II on a new G136-8 and, if the wind isn't too bad, will put up my Crusader on an I357-10.  I'm also taking my new Semroc Little Joe II, my kitbashed Hermes A1, and my Semroc V-2. The Hat of death will also fly on a mere E9.  (Follow the tags, below, for more on these rockets.)