Sunday, February 06, 2011

Warthog Build Session 2011-2

The subject build session was conducted yesterday. My thanks to the host and the givers of food and beer. 

If you weren't there, you probably won't be interested in what's here.  In fact, I mostly am posting this for future my own reference. Last time, I forgot all the tips I supposedly 'learned'.

I didn't build anything but did eat, gab and dip wires. 

Stuff to remember:
  • Tom showed off some bead stringing wire that should be great for shock cord leaders on modrocs.  Despite being really thin, it is made up of many smaller wires.  You can also get crimp connectors.
  • Don had a large diamond cut-off wheel that should be really useful for cutting and slotting larger parts.
  • Tom also had a $30 Dremel attachment kit that he found at Lowes.  This included the quick-switch collet and a bunch of attachments for both this and the standard collets.  The quick-switch stuff alone is individually worth a lot more than $30. 
  • There is such a thing a bacon-flavored Kosher salt.
  • I need to read and return Don's Modern High Power Rocketry 2

Here's the official report from Don:
We had a very good day. The #1 activity was eating Frito pie, corn pudding and drinking beer all courtesy of Tom Ha (way to go Tom!)  Desserts came from Jim and Dick (thanks for leaving some behind for la familia).

The best result of the day was that we got the conductive primer formula perfected. We thinned the dope down really far until it was like water and added the graphite. We got igniters that cured pretty fast with ohm readings around 3. That will be fine when using them on a 12 volt launch system. We test fired them with a NARHAMS 12 volt battery and they really lit well. They burned all along the dipped length and we even got flame (Fire is good). They will be fine for BP motors. If you add some pyrogen to them they should be good for composites.

Next MDRA launch February 19 and 20 at Higgs Farm.

Next NARHAMS launch February 19 Old National Park.