Thursday, February 10, 2011

The role of risk avoidance in getting back to the moon

Yet another quote from "Oral Histories From the Pioneers of America's Space Program, Part 2" by Dr. Davis-Floyd (U.Texas) and Dr. Cox (NASA JSC).(highlights are by me)
I’ll make another prediction that’s not original with me because Bob Gilruth said it long before I did. He said, “Next time we go to the moon, the people who do it are really going to find out that it is very difficult.” I would agree with him on that. With the modern ground rules, it’s almost impossible to do. The military talks about “rules of engagement.” Well, I’ll talk about rules concerning risk and so forth. Those rules we have imposed on ourselves almost preclude the possibility of a reasonable landing on the moon in the next thirty or forty years. That’s my feeling. We either change the rules or we won’t get there for another thirty or forty years.

-Max Faget