Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oops. Someone didn't hire FlisKits.

Another quote from "Oral Histories From the Pioneers of America's Space Program, Part 2" by Dr. Davis-Floyd (U.Texas) and Dr. Cox (NASA JSC).
When we were evaluating the proposals to build the Mercury capsules, we used a numerical rating system to rank the contractors. I was in charge of the propulsion review team and gave one contractor a zero. Bob Gilruth called me in and said ”Guy, you shouldn’t give anyone a zero. Why did you do it?” I said, “Because I couldn’t give them a minus.” They knew the escape rockets resultant thrust should be along the capsules axis, so they had all the nozzles pointed down right at the capsule so they passed through the capsule’s center of gravity!

-Guy Thibodaux