Sunday, February 13, 2011

New parts from I Build Rockets

This weekend, I received a small envelope from Sascha down at I Build Rockets.  But it was packed!  I got an assortment of his new parachute anchor kits and 6 pairs of BT-5 resin cones/engine bells.  The anchor kits include a 3/32" laser-cut anchor, a hook eye, a swivel, and a short Kevlar leader. The photo shows a 24mm anchor kit but I also received the 18mm and 13mm versions.  The resin cones are really nice.  The unit on the left will become the new outboard for my MRC Iron Man, replacing the somewhat goofy looking plastic doohickey that I had used when this classic rocket was reconditioned. (I had already replaced it but that intermediate outboard has been removed. The new one will look much better!)

I also am thinking about what to build with the remaining 5 sets of resin nose/tail cones.  Whatever I do, it will also incorporate one of the anchor kits.  One thought is a Titan-like rocket.  I have a suitable Semroc BT-60 cone.  If I go BT-60, then I'll have a long-ish BT50 stuffer in which the anchor will be mounted.  There would be four (or five?) BT-5 outboards.  Then, I have that Roachwerks Dynasoar....